Who are we?

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We’re The Head’s

We met on the first day at a new High School back in 2007. He was entering the 11th grade and I the 10th. We were stuck together in a hot gym the first day we met and I talk a lot. He was cute so I talked MORE, mainly about my current boyfriend. After over a year of being friends, we went through different dating relationships, but talked about everything. The chemistry was real and once my mom asked me “Can you picture your life without him?”, I knew I was in trouble in the best way, because the answer was “No.”. New Years Eve 2009 I became his girlfriend.

The night we became “official” and all that.

We dated constantly (none of that on and off again) for 5 years:

1 year together in High School

1 year apart while he was in college (lots and lots of driving to see each other)

3 years in college together

3 Mission Trips (2 Costa Rica, 1 Appalachians)

2 puppies growing into dogs

1 full time job for me

Lots of part time jobs for him

2 apartments in the same building

and countless trips and memories made later…

He proposed ON ICE SKATES!

At midnight on NYE 2014,

After exactly 5 years of dating,

he dropped to one knee and proposed!

August Engagement Pictures!

     I wanted a Fall wedding, so we worked around Alabama football season to be sure everyone we loved could (would) be in attendance and set a date for Alabama’s bi-weekend on November 1st, 2014.

Zac moved into our first rental house in May of 2014.

  • 2 year lease
  • 1960’s rancher
  • 2 bed, 2 bath, 2 “living rooms” (office and den), big kitchen, dining room, laundry room, breakfast nook and full unfinished basement
  • Oak hardwoods everywhere but: Kitchen, Laundry & Bathrooms
  • Back Deck & Yard
  • Painted wood paneling throughout, with crown molding
  • nice big front yard, all on a dead end street
  • Bad things: major basement flooding due to leak from upstairs bathroom, pipes replaced, bad roof that’s causing the ceiling to peel and water spots are showing up *lovely*, hardwoods are cracked and unsealed, back porch is chewed through in places from previous owners dogs, windows are drafty and don’t close all the way and have gaps in the panes, 3 ceiling fan fixtures have gone out, most of the house is 2 prong plugs (!!!), No plug in the guest bath at all, no vent in the bathroom or hallway where the thermostat is, can’t use the double fireplace, no ice maker in the fridge…the list could probably go on.
  • Update 1/20/16- Roof has been replaced, broken fans replaced, inside ceiling has kinda been repaired.
  • We still have loved living in this house despite everything.

November 1st 2014



Details from our wedding can be found here!


We’ve been blessed with a wonderful year of marriage and are currently venturing into home buying as the end of our lease is approaching April 2016.


A lot has changed in just a few short months!

We’re expecting our fist child July 2016 and have signed a contract on our new home!


(see more about the baby here)

We closed on our first home at the end of February 2016.

Here is what the real estate listing looked like…


and here are some ideas I have for the exterior!


We’ll officially be moved in at the end of April 2016! I cannot wait to be moved! Nesting and packing up a house DO NOT MIX!

See more about our new house here!

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