DIY Wedding Cake Table! Free Printables!

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite features from our wedding!

(It was most everyone elses too!)

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Here’s what you need to recreate this cake table:

(rollover -check the links for where my items came from)

All of the cakes except for the 2 tier in the center were ordered from Edgars Bakery, a semi local bakery here in Central Alabama. When I ordered these, there was no mention they were for a wedding. The word “wedding” jacks up the price on anything! It was a regular order for 6 different cakes. They were between $26-32 each. So for an average of $30 a cake, that feeds 40 people each. We spent a whopping $180 on the cakes for our wedding and they delivered them for $25 extra. They were the big hit and a great focal point for our big day. If you bake or have someone bake these for you for free….you see where I’m going. Saving$$$$!

Reminder: With multiple cakes, people eat multiple pieces. Make sure your cake servers know to cut very small pieces. These cakes were 4 layers and the proper way to serve is to cut it into squares 2 layers at a time. Great video on that here.

Our florist Hothouse Design Studio, did all the cake floral accents.

Now for the onslaught of images. Sorry. Not Sorry.


Hand-painted Peg Dolls. Our pups are made from oven bake clay and painted.


The main cake which we cut together, was made by my Grandmother in law. Accented with gold glitter ribbon, David Austin Roses, baby garden roses and eucalyptus leaves and berries. Yes you heard right those aren’t peonies! They’re a cheaper option that holds up better.





LEMON – This one brought serious life to the table.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting on!Use these free printables for your own events cake table!cake tags

Cake tags

Post your comments or questions below! I’m happy to answer!

Photos are courtesy of Koli Nichols Photography – Our amazing friend and Photographer!


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