I love Critters!

What are Critters you might ask?


We have several Critters at The Head House and I love them all (otherwise they wouldn’t be there)

In order of their appearance in our lives…

Crimson The Min Pin

Named by Mr. Head for his love of Alabama football. I believe this is the 2nd or 3rd animal he’s owned with this name. The first was a red dachshund.  Crimson is 5 years old this year. My parent’s own his 2 sisters from the same litter (Copper & Penney [pen-nay]). He was born a whole day after the other pups and is a little quirky, but the best dogs are. #crimsontheminpin

Stella Blue the Catahoula #stellabluecatahoul

This baby entered our world 3 years ago, after my childhood dog passed away while I was in college (My Prissy). Before we were married Mr. Head agreed to let me have her. I was in love with her before I ever drove to Gadsden, AL to pick her up. She’s Rowdy with a capital R, but is starting to slow down. She’s very adventurous and will take any food she can find from any where! She barks at turtle, frogs, squirrels, deer…you name it. She is a people dog for sure and this baby is FAST. She runs circles around other dogs. She’s never gotten to play with a greyhound, but I would love to see it!

68413_3873249591558_1397947091_n 406939_3873254711686_1772836367_n

baby stella  RIP My sweet Prissy.
Yoda Obi Pickles #yodaobipickles

Our hedgie! We couldn’t decide on a name. I wanted Pickles and Mr. Head wanted a Star Wars name…go figure. He’s adorable though. He belonged to my little sister, but she was afraid to handle him much. I wish we’d gotten him when he was younger because he’s afraid of almost everything. He loves his cat ball and bath-time. His favorite treats are chicken and meal worms. Come on, ain’t he cute?


I don’t like to name fish. I have bad luck when I name them. I recently ventured into the world of planted fish tanks. So far so good *fingers crossed*. I love that we can own such a majestic calming creature in our homes. Is that not cool? Maybe I’m the only one, but I see it as a privilege to watch their underwater lives. I absolutely LOVE betta’s.  I will eventually get to breed them and do some genetic studies (which I find fascinating)!

Current Fishies: 3 neon tetras, 1 placostomous, Bumble bee cichlid, 2 fancy cichlids, 1 Halfmoon Plakat dumbo ear betta!


Buddy aka:Bud

We are currently jointly fostering this amazing dude with our friends. He’s had his first vet checkup since wandering up to their house and he’s totally healthy, but tested positive for heart worms. At first the rescue organization we had him lined up with said they wouldn’t be able to take him because of this. The vet fell in love with him and immediately found him a sponsor for treatment! Today marks his first treatment visit. He’s going to meet a family and their cat on Friday. I’m praying the home visit goes well!

UPDATE! Buddy’s been adopted!

This family of 4 lost their lab of 13 years last year. When they saw Buddy they knew he was the one for them. She’s sent me several updates and he’s doing great!




Affectionately known as the “Poopy Puppy” by all she road with in a car…she had a nervous issue in the car only. She went to her forever home after 1 short month of fostering.


With her Furever Mommy all grown up!!11745331_10206112090455585_6923068563847866368_n


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