We currently live in a rental house in Northport, Alabama. Right across the river from Tuscaloosa (Roll Tide). We signed a 2 year lease before we got married and that is coming to an end April 30th 2016. Our house search has evolved over the last few months. October 2015-We started out planning to buy… Continue reading Flatwoods

Repurposed Bedside Table Tutorial  

I got this little water damage $5 goody at a yard sale a few weeks back. I knew I wanted to take the drawers out  and make it into a accent table with shelves. The rest was a result of trying to re-purpose everything. I love how it turned out! Here’s what I did and… Continue reading Repurposed Bedside Table Tutorial  

DIY Roadside Chest Upcycle Before and After

Picking! When my baby brother came to visit he had this in the back of his truck! He grabbed it at the end of our road (I love surprises!) Not a “nice solid wood” piece, but a neat one for sure!  I almost forgot to snag a before picture! Here’s an up close and one… Continue reading DIY Roadside Chest Upcycle Before and After

DIY Mason Jar Pendant Lights

Life in a single family rental house often leaves something to be desired. I spend hours looking a remodel ideas and I always think, “One day I’ll be able to do whatever I want to a house!”, but that thought doesn’t last long as all these great ideas pop into my head for our current… Continue reading DIY Mason Jar Pendant Lights