The Other Side of Scraping Popcorn

 Before we decided to scrape the popcorn ceiling in our guest bathroom I did a lot of research. As is advisable to any inexperienced DIYer, right? In my searching I never found a post like what I’m about to write, so here it goes. I’ll start with a disclaimer: Clearly some people have success with… Continue reading The Other Side of Scraping Popcorn

The Big Dark Elephant in the Room

Our current rental home has a wood burning double fireplace in the living room and office. We’ve been unable to use it the 2 years we lived there because of our rental agreement, so I tried to make them pretty and in the living room our TV is on a stand on the hearth. You… Continue reading The Big Dark Elephant in the Room

We’re homeowners!

February 27th 2016 is the day we officially purchased Flatwoods! We’re already well into our renovation journey and have just 19 days before we move! Follow our renovation and projects here!