Picking an Open Concept Paint Color

Neutral and calming colors are where it’s at.

Our goal is to only paint the interior of this house once and not again, even when we sell. Painting the entire interior of a house is a big undertaking…and when I say entire…it’s every single surface except the counter tops, which are getting a layer of concrete so I almost feel like they count too.

This is the original color pallet I decided on, before I realized how expensive painting the entire interior would be, and started narrowing down paints and colors. (note: we only have one BM distributor in our town and it’s in a fancy “Cottage design” shop with inflated prices. I didn’t want to deal with color matching to paint chips elsewhere)


I decided to go with all Sherwin Williams paint colors because I can have them mixed at our Lowes and there were no guesses on how the colors would turn out.

For our big open concept space (living room, hallway, dinning/kitchen) that was a hideous Army Tan and Army Green I chose:

Sherwin Williams Front Porch mixed in  HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Ovation White Satin Latex Interior Paint and Primer in One. 

Color Review: LOVE IT! The carpet is beige and this wall color is cool enough to bring the room out of the beigey tan funk it was in. I think it’s a very neutral and versatile color. I can’t wait to have my furniture in the room to see the full effect!

We will also be using this color in the kitchen, master bath and possibly the guest room depending on how far it goes after the first 2 spaces.

Paint Review: I can’t say “Paint is Paint” as some do because they are not all created equal. This paint did not dry too quickly during application, was a smooth consistency and covered well. We were doing such a large area we hit it with a second coat and a 3rd coat on a wall my brother did, who has limited painting experience. We purchased a 5gal for a little over $120 after tax (Around $25 per gal). Not knowing how far it would go, to our surprise after the above mentioned coats we have a little more than HALF the bucket left!  We did not use expensive paint rollers, we picked the 2nd cheapest option Lowes had for smooth surfaces and had no issues. Painting conditions were: 65-70 degrees outside with a few rain showers during the day. 60-65 degrees inside the house. It’s Alabama, we run the air!

I really love the coolness it brings to the large open space. We will be updating all the bulbs in the house to Daylight CFL’s which really shows the true tone in this paint color.

Here are some Before and Afters of the open concept living, dining and hall:




 To see what how I updated the fireplace above click here!


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