The Beards Girl is growing…


We confirmed the first of December 2015 that we’re expecting our first child due July 29th 2016!

We had our first anniversary session scheduled with our wedding photographer already so we changed things up a bit and took some announcement photos as well!

I was so super bloated when the photos were taken. I was only 6 weeks and 1 day but my heartburn was terrible and everything I ate blew up my tummy! That had gotten better by 7 weeks when we saw our little dear for the first time.

You can see the head, arms and little nub feet!

My in-laws planned an after Christmas cruise to Mexico for the whole family so we knew we needed to tell before then in case I was sick on the boat. I didn’t want anyone thinking I was a debbie downer!

We decided to announce to our families on Christmas Day. As our tradition we go to his parents house first, eat lunch, swap presents and hangout. Then head over to my parents house for the rest of the day because the party never ends and my family is huge.

I’m kicking myself because guess what? I didn’t take any pictures of the announcement gifts when I wrapped them!! I also didn’t wrap a single Christmas present until Christmas Eve…the fatigue was and is real!

I made announcement onesies using my vinyl cutting machine and some cute black glitter iron on vinyl. Two for our parents that said “Guess What?” and one for his grandparents that said “Let the Spoiling Begin! July 2016”. On Christmas Eve I left his grandparents gift with them and asked that they not open it until we called them the next day.

For my parents I wanted to include the whole family by playing “Pass the Present”. I read Twas the Night Before Christmas which I found here already mapped out for the game. It worked out perfectly. I skipped the last “left” and it wound up with my Mom! She opened it and she had to pull the onesie all the way out before it clicked.

We exchanged gifts at his parents and held his Mom’s gift until very last. We got his Dad a German Shepard puppy for Christmas so we said “Now since he got a puppy, we decided to give you the most expensive gift we’ve ever given and probably the most expensive you’ve ever received.”, which really got everyone’s attention. She knew immediately when she took the lid off the box and moved the paper! She said “Oh My Gooooosssshhhhh”.

You can see both reactions in this video! My parents are first, then my in laws.

First Time Grandparents!!!!
Me and The Beard! (and the baby)

We had a really wonderful cruise on the Carnival Elation out of New Orleans. The ship was older and rocked almost the whole trip, but it was a good time and I was never sick!
As soon as we got back we had an appointment that he couldn’t come with me to so I videoed the whole thing. Our office is very very fast with the ultra sounds. Everything was looking perfect! Taken at 11 weeks 5 days.


Progress shots! I stayed bloated early on and on the cruise. I’ve lost a total of 11lbs since getting pregnant though. My abdomen started getting harder a little before 12 weeks and at the last US they did it pretty high on my belly, so s/he is moving up and out! *exciting*


This journey is going to be a wonderful one no matter what. We have so much love for this baby already and can’t wait to find out what we’re having!


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